National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo) is a nonprofit event that encourages kids and adults to tackle the challenge of writing a novel in November. Launched in 1999, NaNoWriMo inspires its 300,000+ participants with pep talks, a huge and supportive online community, and a host of web-based writing tools.

This year Mariposa is joining this event and inviting all of our patrons to tackle this challenge. It is available to writers of all ages and we hope you will find it to be challenging and fun.

Submission Rules

The submission process is free and quick.

Please only submit projects done for the NaNoWriMo event and that all of the content is an original work to which you own the rights.

Since this is a writing event, the types of content accepted will only be text.

Accepted file formats are:

PDF's and ePUB's

We encourage our patrons to use Pressbooks to create their projects. You can learn more on our website.